Pillar Candle 10cm

Pillar Candle 10cm

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This unscented Pillar Candle has a diameter of 7cm and height of 10cm and is made from hand poured 100% vegetable stearin using natural dyes and a cotton, lead free wick. 

Moreton Eco Candles are lovingly hand poured to create a quality, hard-wearing and long-lasting candle. Each candle is handmade and crafted in our World Fair Trade Organization factory, dedicated to delivering positive social impact through its candle production. The result is a premium, eco-friendly, Fairtrade candle that will not only look stunning, but make you feel good knowing it was ethically sourced and made. Every candle made means more hands at work and more local jobs.

Base Width: 7 cm

Height: 10 cm

Burn Time: 80 hrs