Cedar Lilly has been the dream of its founder, Jess, since she was a teenager living in Hong Kong. She was raised as an ex-pat kid living in South East Asia, Australia, USA and England. She began collecting textiles from artisans she met along the way.

This love of travel, textiles and artisan crafts never wained and has developed into the hand selected, ethically crafted collection of products that is now Cedar Lilly.  With over 45 countries under her belt, Jessica's passion for sourcing beautiful products from around the globe continues. A desire for people to have access to unique handmade products is what drives the brand forward. Alongside this desire is a major focus on decreasing waste through avoiding mass consumption of plastic and inspiring customers to shop consciously for products they will treasure in their homes for years to come.

The greater mission:

Many of the suppliers who work closely with Cedar Lilly come from disadvantaged backgrounds. We hope that by developing working relationships with these suppliers, Cedar Lilly can help provide income to these people and their communities. 3% of our annual profits go to local charities in every community we buy from. We at Cedar Lilly believe that no modern business should succeed without giving back.