Singapore Chicken & Rice

Singapore Chicken Rice.
There are hundreds of versions, this is a simple one that reminds me of my teenage years hanging out eating at hawkers stands in Singapore after school. Easy, tasty, heathy!

Whole free range chicken
4 cloves garlic
2 inches ginger
3 star anise
1 stick lemongrass
A bunch of coriander (cilantro)
Spring onions
Red chilli 🌶
Soy sauce
Sesame oil

1. Put whole chicken in large pot.
2. Rub with a little sesame oil.
3. Cover with water, add 2 peeled cloves garlic, half the ginger, star anise, half the coriander and the lemon grass to the water.
Bring to a boil, then simmer until cooked through.
4. While cooking finely chop remaining herbs and a chilli (optional). Cover with soy and let sit - this is the sauce.
5. Cook some jasmine rice. I like to wait and use the chicken broth as the water for the rice (YUM!)
6. Serve and enjoy!
Don’t waste the broth, you can freeze it and use for other dishes.

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