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The Brass Pepper Mills company was established in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, in 1977 by a partnership of mechanical engineers with the aim of producing high quality mills. Current owner, Polivios Ioannou, is the son of one of the company founders and has been working in the family business since he was young. The design of the mills is based on a coffee mill created in the early 1900’s for Greek soldiers to use in the field. All mills are manufactured in a single factory/workshop in Thessaloniki. Part handmade and part machine fabricated, each mill is thoroughly quality controlled in this small-scale family business production environment. The mills are produced from high quality materials with a fine detailed finish while being robust and practical for day-to-day use. With a growing reputation for the quality of its products, the Brass Pepper Mill company now exports its mills to a growing market around the world.

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