Abacus Row Jewellery

"Abacus Row is an independent brand of refined and understated jewellery. Our line reflects an unexpectedly subtle approach to beadwork. Thoughtfully detailed and meticulously crafted, each piece is designed for the sophisticated individual with a discerning eye and effortless sense of style.

Our jewellery is crafted in-house, at our production studio and showroom located in Nob Hill in San Francisco, CA."

"Abacus Row was founded by Christine Trac in 2012. Christine’s work and appreciation for jewellery is shaped by a multicultural upbringing and an interdisciplinary background in ethnography and environmental conservation. Christine views jewellery as objects of culture and identity and approaches her work with Abacus Row as a way of expressing subtle yet distinct narratives. She is inspired by both the natural ways in which things come together and the innovative approaches used to produce unexpected connections. Abacus Row is an ongoing exploration of material and community intersections."


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