Moroccan Rugs

Our relaxed collection of timeless wool rugs is now live in the online shop. They are all made by hand from Berber wool in the Atlas Mountains. The result is a naturally imperfect piece. Every rug will be slightly different, which creates a relaxed home interior.

All the rugs are designed by Jess, the founder and interior stylist behind Cedar Lilly. Our focus has always been handmade, with natural materials. The process is ethical and sustainable. We use only natural dyes and dry the rugs in the Moroccan sun.

Each style of rug will evoke a different feeling to your home. Maybe your style is Modern Coastal, and a flat weave will better suit your surf lifestyle? Perhaps a modern boho feel is more your thing? A luxurious, high pile, shaggy wool rug will bring your room to life.

The bonus of the rugs being new rather than vintage is you avoid the smell that is often associated with older rugs. You rug will become and heirloom for you to pass down for generations. 

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