6 Easy ways to update your decor.

1. Cushion Covers. 
If you already have cushions but they're no longer to your taste or looking worn out, new covers are your best solution. Look for ones thats are easy to take on and off for cleaning.
2. A throw. 
It's like a piece of jewellery or a scarf for an outfit. If you have a good base (jeans/sofa). You can splurge on a beautiful throw to update a room. Or just change with the seasons, wool for winter and cotton in summer.
3. Curtains.
They make a room look finished and cosy. There are plenty of affordable options out there in natural fibers. Keep them simple and classic for a look that goes with any decor style.
4. Art.
Skip the generic junk at Kmart and support up and coming creative talent. Check out Etsy or do a search on Instagram and you can find original art or even have custom pieces painted. It's more affordable than people realise.
5. Books. 
Coffee table books are the easiest design hack, a stack of odd numbers looks best. You don't have to buy new either. Look online, second hand shops or Facebook marketplace  for gently used.
6. Rugs.
Rugs in kitchens and bathrooms. They're not just for living rooms and a fantastic way to pull a room together and make a focal point.

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