10 Of my favourite things to do in Orange NSW

Think of visiting Orange? Good news, I've put together 10 of my favourites for you. ⁠

1. Racine Bakery: Situated in one of the ugliest carparks in the world, behold the best croissants outside Paris. The olive oil bread is yum too.⁠

2. Borodell Vineyard: I may be biased as I spent a year working here, but still; head up the hill for incomparable views and a nice drop of Rose.⁠

3. Hey Rosey: If I ignored the Aussie accents I could believe I'm in a bar in New York. Fab food, fab wine. (teeny tiny, prepare to wait)⁠

4. Huntley Berry Farm: One for the kids. Non-profit run by some of the kindest people on the planet, who are also passionate about the environment. Pick some fruit, make something yummy.⁠

5. Nimrods Cafe: Like a little personality with your caffeine hit? Me too. Simple, good, reasonably priced food and the best coffee in town.⁠

6. Cedar Lilly:  This is the best store in the universe! Cute, rustic little place with beautiful gifts, home decor and fashion.⁠

7. The Carriers Arms. Family-friendly pub with the awesome Spados Pizzeria attached - the Cheesus Christ is a personal fave.⁠

8. Basalt Luxury Accommodation: 🛌🏻 Ok, I've never actually stayed here however it looks incredible! Seriously, book a stay and feel free to invite me.⁠

9 & 10 are actually Milthorpe, but if you've come all this way......

9. The Bower Milthorpe: The kind of place you want to discover when you visit a little country town vintage, antiques and lots of pretty things.

10. TONIC: Oh, Tonic how I love thee. Seriously great Mod-Oz food in a place you'll want to relax all afternoon.




Orange NSW.

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